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Instruction to Get Back Corrupt DJI OSMO ACTION 2 Picture

DJI Action 2 takes some inspiration from the Insta 360 Go 2 and expands on it. This means a complete departure from traditional action camera setups normally found, such as its predecessor, the DJI Action. This allows for a modular layout in which the camera module is magnetized and add-ons such as additional memory, battery… Read More »

How to Get Back Lost Sony RXO II Photograph

When you think of Sony cameras, images of the premium Alpha series come to mind with excellent autofocus and compact. But we want to tell you that it also made one incredibly capable action camera. With this camera Sony probably focused their energy on image quality and therefore provided this camera with a large (for… Read More »

How to Undelete Sony A9 Photographs

The Sony A9 marvels both in its technical achievements and in its tools for capturing fast-moving motion. The silent 20fps continuous shooting mode can capture scenes you might have missed, and the AF system is complex but very effective. The A9 is a blatant action pro sacrificing resolution for speed in the same way as… Read More »

How to Undeleted Leica S3 Photographs

The Leica S3 is a 64-megapixel mid format DSLR with outdated specs, but it never goes out of fashion. Leica’s DSLRs cost almost twice as much as a much lower resolution sensor that isn’t even stabilized. Its 64MP output is almost overpowered by the full-frame Sony A7R IV and somehow it’s still using motion JPGs… Read More »

Manual Process to Get Back Lost Pentax K-3 Mark III Picture

Pentax K-3 Mark III is one among famous digital camera due to its extra ordinary features. The Pentax K-3 Mark III is rugged, fast, powerful and packed with clever features. It’s also oddly outdated, as if the Pentax deliberately stepped back from modern innovations like on-sensor phase-detection AF and variable-angle screens, back to a simpler… Read More »

How to Get Back Nikon Z7 II Photographs

The Nikon Z7 II is the successor to Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, the Z7, released in the summer of 2018. Centering around a 45.7-megapixel full-frame sensor, the Z7 II is Nikon’s flagship mirrorless camera, built to work with products like Canon’s EOS R5 and Sony Alpha A7R IV, and is designed to entice owners… Read More »

How to Recover Deleted FujiFilm GFX 50S Picture

FujiFilm GFX 50S is one among amazing digital camera. This camera is famous among camera lovers. It’s unrealistic to expect a large sensor camera to match the autofocus and burst performance or price of a full-frame or APS-C camera. FujiFilm GFX 50S comes with 51.4 MP camera. That said, the GFX 50S is a huge… Read More »

Easy Steps to Get Back Deleted Nikon F3 Picture

The Nikon F3 has always been one of Nikon’s best pro cameras. Many people still use it today. After Nikon released the F4 and F5, they continued to make the F3. F3 is manual focus. The F3 works well with all manual focus lenses made since 1959 and will work with all autofocus AI-P, AF,… Read More »

How to Get Back Deleted Nikon Zfc Picture

The Nikon Zfc has been officially announced! Nikon’s new retro-styled APS-C format mirrorless camera is finally revealed after weeks of rumors as a stablemate for the Nikon Z50. Despite being technically equivalent to the Nikon Z50, at first glance, you can be forgiven for thinking that the new Nikon Z fc was pulled out of… Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Fujifilm GFX 50R Photograph

The Fujifilm GFX 50R is a very interesting camera for a number of reasons. First, it is the cheapest medium format digital camera camera not on the market. It’s £1,000/$1,000 less than the previous record-setting DSLR-style Fujifilm GFX 50S. Second, 2018 is touted as the year of full-frame mirrorless cameras, but the GFX 50R’s sensor… Read More »