Recovering Photos & Videos after .micro ransomware attack

By | April 9, 2016

What is .micro file extension?

.micro file extension is a big threat for user’s data. It is a deadly variant of TeslaCrypt Ransomware that is designed to encrypt all type of saved files on storage media. Generally .micro file extension ransomware attacks on any targeted computer with Spam email and get activation if the user try to open macro file attachment on the malicious email. With activation the ransomware runs a deep scan on the computer hard disk including mapped network drive and external storage media if plug-in. It filter out only saved files by the users for encryption and leaves system files intact. The ransomware uses latest and very powerful RSA-4096 file encryption algorithm with public and private keys. After encryption it export private keys to a command & control server on secret remote location and also delete shadow copies on the compromised computer system. Thereafter it releases ransom note for users in three formats :

  • Howto_Restore_FILES.BMP

  • Howto_Restore_FILES.HTML

  • Howto_Restore_FILES.TXT

What .micro file extension Virus Does?

One might suddenly find their files encrypted with the “.micro” file extension and ransom note on desktop and every folder where files were encrypted containing a short description bearing instruction for users about how to restore files encrypted by .micro file extension ransomware. It further recommends users to pay the Ransom in Bitcoins on specified Bitcoin address for recovery of encrypted files or format system drive to get rid of .micro file extension ransomware attack. It is advised not to pay the ransom since it is not possible to decrypt the files. This is also recommended by security experts to use an effective malware removal application to remove .micro file extension ransomware and thereafter run a data recovery tool to restore encrypted files back in their original format.

However, even if your PC might get rid of .micro file extension virus, the data cannot be recovered. Thus it is better to recover encrypted Photos, images, songs, videos etc using Photo Recovery Software.

How Photo Recovery Software Can Retrieve the Deleted Pictures & Video Files

Sometimes, data such as photos and videos gets encrypted or damaged due to malware as in this case due to .micro file extension ransomware on your PC. After the infection of virus, all the images, videos and other media files stored onto the system’s hard drive can get inaccessible. However, after fixing the virus issues, it will be very important for you to recover your important files and data which means a lot to you. In this kind of situation, you need to perform data recovery by using comprehensive Photo recovery tool. With the help of recovery software, you can easily restore your corrupted, deleted, or inaccessible files in just few click.



User Guide : How To Perform Photo Recovery

  • Launch the program onto your system. From the main Window of program, tap on “Start Scan” button.


  • Now, select the required drive to scan for the recovery and then click on the “Start Scan”. Although, you can also choose an “Advance Scan Option” to customize the recovery on the basis of file types.


  • Thereafter, the list of all supported file types will be displayed and then select the file types that you want to restore and click on the start scan button.


  • The tool will scan the selected drive and provide you the preview of recoverable files.


  • Finally, select the destination to save the recoverable files and click on “OK” and then all the files will be saved at the selected location.