How To Undelete Nikon Photos after “Card Not Initialized” error

By | February 6, 2013

Nikon digital camera is one of the best and very popular camera among the user. It comes in various sizes and users purchase according to their choices. It gives the best picture quality and ultimately stores all the clicked images in the memory card like SD card or SDHC card. These cards can be trusted for the safe storage of videos and photographs. Nikon camera creates enthusiasm in the people for the photography and is best for the professional and non-professional people also.

However, erstwhile all the pictures and videos gets lost or damaged due to the corruption in the memory card. When memory card gets corrupted, all the files stored in it becomes inaccessible and the people meets to the error like “Card Not Initialized” error. In order to fix this error, you will have to format the memory card and in the absence of the backup file, one will loose his data. In such situation, persons becomes panic and asks for the solution to Undelete Nikon photos. Well, with the help of Automatic Photo Recovery Software, one can easily restores his all the lost, corrupted and deleted images.



There are many reasons that causes error and corrupts the memory card due to which people becomes unable to access their pictures and videos. These reasons proved to be very hazardous issues for the camera and the memory card.

Lets take a look on these reasons that damages the memory card :

  • Using the camera in a very indecent way or mishandling the camera.
  • Viruses and spyware attack causes a great trouble for the memory card and deletes all the photos stored in it.
  • Pulling out of memory card from the camera while it is saving any picture or video.
  • If battery get empty during clicking any snap or shooting video.
  • Sudden shut down of the camera.

The Contemporary Image Recovery Application deals with all such reasons for the corruption of memory card and recovers the lost, damaged and deleted photos from the corrupted memory card and doesn’t matter what was the reasons behind the corruption. It only does its work very effectively and restores all the missing videos and snaps.

Effective Features Of The Picture Recovery Package :

  • The Recover Tool is compatible with the all the latest and advanced camera brand and it Recover Lost Pentax Photos from Macbook Air also.
  • It has the capability to restore pictures from any of the storage devices such as pen drive, USB drive, laptops and desktops etc.
  • It supports all the file formats like – JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIFF etc.
  • It is user-friendly and has the graphical user interface.

The Photo Recovery Tool is the best solution to recover all the lost, corrupted and deleted images very easily and effectively.