How to recover deleted photos from SD card on android cell phone

By | June 10, 2017

downloadInadvertently deletion of some photos from android phone or by mistake have reset the phone to factory setting, loss of photos from phone due to memory card corruption, re-formatted the micro SD card in Android phone or any other reason of deletion of photos from memory card of mobile phone leads the user in panic situation. SD memory card on android mobile phone have the capacity to store videos, photos, music tracks, contacts and many other important documents.

User don’t like to lose their mere important pictures due to this they use many photo recovery application but fail to recover their files and start searching methods how to recover deleted photos from SD card on android cell phone.


Possible reason of photo loss from android phone are:

  • By accident SD card formatting when it is connected to Windows for data transfer.
  • Abrupt removal of android device while the files were getting transferred to PC. Simple cut and paste might also result in photo loss.
  • Infection of Malicious virus results deletion of image file from SD card
  • While Android mobile running low on battery and user uses pictures from SD card
    Unsecured downloading on android mobile phone.

In this situation being panic is not the solution but be relaxed and rely on data recovery software. This would be mostly recommended as such it is specially programmed to Recover deleted files from SD card android from android phone like OnePlus 3T, Lenovo Vibe K5, Sony Xperia X, Moto G5, Asus etc. not only this but user can also restore many other files like audio track, RAW picture file, application files from sd card that have got corrupted, formatted, or damaged due to any reason.

Most important thing is that the recovery tool clone SD card as image file through which user can perform easy recover deleted photos from memory card of mobile phone at later stage. Along with this user can also recover many other media file types like MPEG, JPEG, AVI, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, MP3, WAV, MP4 etc. from different models of android phone.

Android sd card recovery can easily be performed on OnePlus 3T, Lenovo Vibe K5, Sony Xperia X, Moto G5, Asus, Motorola, dell and on many more android phone with ease on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008 OS and Mac based laptop.

User guide for photo recovery from SD card easily on Mac OS are as followed:

  • Click on recover ‘photo, video or audio’ button to recover safely

mac 1

  • Here entire attached media and drives are listed. User can easily select drive or media and then click on ‘scan now’ button to start scanning.

mac 2

  • During scan the software will search entire multimedia files from the selected drive or media.

mac 3

  • After scanning completes the files are found in the selected volume or hard disk or any other storage media. Simply click on ‘recover’ button to recover the desired file

mac 4

  • With ‘create image’ option user can create an image of storage device to recover later.

mac 5

  • Select the drive or volume to create image and click on ‘continue’ button. Then click on ‘scan’ button to start scanning.

mac 6

  • Check the preview of file and click on ‘recover’ to save the recovered file.


  • Select the previous scanned saved information and then click on ’scan’ to start scanning. After completion of scan the software lists entire file in tree like structure.

mac 8

  • Preview can be seen clicking on it. Then click on ‘recover’ button to save the file.



User guide for photo recovery from sd card easily on Windows OS are as followed:

  • Firstly, click on photo, audio, video to recover deleted or files. Select the drive or external media to recover the lost files.


  • Before starting the scan specific file format can easily be selected and then start scanning process.


  • Starting and ending sector can be selected from advanced setting option then start scanning


  • The software searches entire multimedia is shown from the selected media or drive while scanning is on. And after scanning all files that are found are listed in the desired place. File view can be changed in the scan result.


  • With ‘create image’ option image of preferred storage can be created for recovery in later stage. Select Range of media to create image of specific region and click continue.


  • And after completion, of process it can be saved in desired location.


  • Then click on recover option to recover file from saved image at desired location.
  • Resume recovery option is also present in the recovery software


  • Then click on desired file from list to start scan. After that click on the ‘recover’ button and provided location in which files/folders are to be saved. At the provided location entire selected files/folders are recovered safely.