About Us

Jane Hoody

Jane Hoody is working in a company located in California as a System Engineer. She works over the task associated with system development as well as system configuration for its proper functioning. She has gained a lot of experience in this sector while working in IT industry over previous 8 years.

She is a professional writer and loves to make posts on sites associated with threats. Effective solutions are provided to fix several spyware program and threats. She writes various articles related to malware programs and share his immense knowledge regarding viruses,also suggests effective removal methods for the threats.

Tony Rozario

Tony Rozario works as a Security analyst in a company situated at San Antonio. Having interested in  data center and network operations, he supports the system technology and analyze point of contacts for key system and information. He acts as a analytical support to improve the performance of the company.

Apart from his job, he also writes articles related to spyware, malware and other kind of viruses and  posts on site along with the removal guidelines. He regularly posts the malwares related article and provides best guidance to user to remove these harmful threats.